How I lost my Virginity PART 1

It was a sunny cloudy afternoon, you know, that kind of weather where both the sun and the rain seem to be going at each other, trying to show who's supreme. It rains a little, then they sun comes out for a while and the rains are back, and it starts all over again. Yep. That's the kind of weather it was that day, little did I know it was going to be an unforgettable day.

It was my second year in the University, and I was yet to boldly say I have that lady, that lady or that lady's contact or we're friends. At 25, I was yet to know what it felt like to kiss someone or be kissed. Call me a late bloomer. Not that I didn't want to so badly indulge in the curnings and sweet nothings that the female species had to offer.

I could hardly do more than three words with a lady, especially ones not in my department or faculty. Even with the ones in my department and or faculty, it was almost always a monosyllabic conversation.

Now back to the events of that faithful day before I bore you with my boring campus life. I had just closed from Philosophy lectures and was heading back to my hostel contemplating whether or not I'll be eating Gob3 (Gari, Beans, Fried Plantain) as always or I could cook some of the yam my roommate bought the last time we were at the market. I was lost in thoughts that I barely heard her calling me until I felt her soft palms on my skin, which was when my nostrils caught wind of her lush unique fragrance, one I will be getting used to with the course of time. She was in 400 reading Pharmacy. 

But wait, how did she even know my name? Question for the gods. She asked if I could help her with her cylinder up her hostel. I was brought up a gentleman, I couldn't say no, but on a day like this after sitting close to 5 hours listening to Prof Gawu’s talk, no, rant about dead beaded old men I was bored and famished to death. I wanted nothing more than anything, something to end the ongoing Iraq~Isreal war in my stomach. But her smile, that smile got me.

And so it was that I was smiling sheepishly, like a goat to the slaughter till we got to the 11th floor. Whoever did the blueprint for this building needs to be lashed a 1000 strokes for not thinking about elevators. When we finally got to her room, yes I entered her room with the cylinder filled with liquefied petroleum gas. I had carried it for the past 30 minutes and you didn't want me to enter her room with it, what kind of friend are you? Huh! 

Watch out for part 2…

Moral Lessons

1.      Be in control of your time

2.      Offering assistant is good but don’t sacrifice your plans to assist, make it 50:50

3.      Plan your time and be discipline enough to stick to what you planned


Thu, 28 Mar, 2019

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