Nobody falls in love, love is developed

We often Use the phrase "I've fallen in love" but is that really the right way to express our psychological gymnastic will of wanting to be with that specific person? Is that the right way to communicate the will to know how that special person is doing? And is that the right way to inform that special person your affection for him or her?

To help you know that love is actually developed not fallen into.....
Let's get an answer to this question:

At what point do you realize you have "fallen" in love? If it takes more than a day, you haven't fallen but rather developed.

I define "Development"as a consistent process of undergone change or metamorphosis. So if developed is the end product of "development" then develop is the process.

So before you make up your mind to communicate that psychological thirst for that one person, it takes more than just a seconds.

That process you went through to arrive at the conclusion that you having feelings for him or her is called DEVELOP not FALL.

That process of wanting to hear from him or her in few minutes after patting ways while going home or work is the developing process.

That strong will to be around each other creating memories of laughter and argument is the developing process.

Your admiration for his or her display of maturity is the developing process.

The period within which he or she worn your trust and confidence is the developing process.

Developing love goes beyond beauty and handsome, it has more to do with attitude, character and maturity.

If a guy or a lady tells you he has fallen for you, he is simply telling you in a more nice way...i lust for you.

The love really takes time because it's a process. It's a developing process which takes more than a seconds .

A love that is develop, stand the test of time.

A love that is develop, can be sustain.

Let's use the right phrase when the feeling is right.

Hello! Dear, i have developed love for you, i want us to move our friendship to a committed relationship, what do you make of it? Please take some time to think about it.

This isn't bad right?

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Evans Cujo

Mon, 18 Mar, 2019

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