The love letter

On the 14th of February 2014 i visited a lady I was dating in the southern part of Ghana. The significance of 14th February always leave memories on our minds. The memories could either be positive or negative but whichever way, memory remains what it was.

On the eve of that significant day, i decided to spend the day with that lady as a candle night. We lighted a good number of candles to form a circle. We had intimate conversation, guess what i gave her that night....

I gave her 3 gifts and the most important one among these 3 was a "love letter". Yes, a 21st century love letter.

It was a love letter written in ink and on a love designed writing pad with a perfume pen. Surprised? I know you will be.

"The little things that you do makes me loves you more" Efya

Below are 3 reasons you should write your partner a love letter.

1. She or he will keep it safe for reference.

Most of us still have love letters of our JHS and SHS days but how many love messages sent via phone are you keeping? You will agree with me that we are able to keep love letters more securely. In today's era, writing a love letter to your partner will bring back fond memories of how you both began your love story. Your partner will dedicate special time to read and digest the words you put together.

2. It gives you enough room to express yourself.

A lot of planning goes into writing a letter. You have to put your thoughts together in a much careful manner. It also allow you to do a proper research to be sure the words and expression you are writing reflect the true state of your emotions. You then decide how to present it. You can present it a a more traditional way, posting or placing it in her bag or in a much dramatic way that will add up to your expression.

3. It spices up your affairs.

The invention of Technology has swallowed letter writing but has not swallowed the relevance of letter writing. The medium of letter writing is what suffered most but we still write letter. In this article, I urge you to write your partner a love letter on a writing pad and in blue ink. Write this letter with your beautiful handwriting. Tell the special person how much she means to you in ink. Doing an old thing once a while shows how dynamic and flexible you are. When we say do something different to attract a different result, it has in no way limited you in trying an old strategy which has produced good old results.

Send a love letter or apology letter to that special person who refused to grant you audience

.... It will work like magic.

Evans Cujo
Mon, 18 Mar, 2019

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