The sexual experience you never had

"Go be fruitful and multiply" these commonly heard words of the Holy book has confirmed the need for reproduction of one’s kind but the question of "How" is yet to be answered.


Some may argue that "And everything God created, he created them male and female in his likeness" Bible verse had provided the answer to the question of "How" but is it true? There are thousands of features including our organs that distinct male from female. One argument that stands undisputable is among all the uses of our body parts, there is only one use of our sex organs that we grow up to discover. 

Once a baby is born, nobody taught him or her that the eyes is for vision, nose for smelling or breathing, mouth for eating and drinking, penis or vagina and anus for excretion. These functions of our organs naturally happens but we grow up to a certain stage in life to know vagina and penis is use for having sex and for that matter reproduction.

Knowledge and curiosity of mankind have led to more discovery of how we should use these body parts as entertainment and recreation as well as communication. 

In time past, there was only one form of Sex position but in the 21st century where experiment and curiosity drives our thoughts and lifestyle, we can boast of thousands of sex position and still counting. We have also discovered that, sex means more than reproduction. It serves medicinal purposes. It's a covenant. Sex is an intimacy. Sex is a psychological nourishment to the human system. 


We have also discovered sex does not only means physical penetration but an art that requires education. Sex is an emotional affair. Sex is a conscious act that requires you to monitor the heartbeat of your partner, his or her moaning and direction. It’s about tapping into the energy of your partner and passionately using it to satisfy them sexually. Penetration is the last art in sexual intercourse and all that happen before penetration is communication, body exploration, love, passion, satisfaction, experiment and trust building

On GHOne Duvet Show monitored by LyfeStyleGH, the panelists admonished that love making or Tantic Sex is not perfect for persons who practice “one night stand”, friends with benefits kind of relationship or the cohabitants. It’s for those who are deeply in love with each other.

The Agyman went further to discuss pre actions of Tantic Sex. He said lovers must learn 

Touching the right places in the right way. In his explanation, he maintained that Men must always keep their hand clean and oily before inserting it into their lady’s private parts. You must also massage around the vagina gently and patiently.  

In addition, Ransford Afari who is a massage therapist made mentioned of Sexual organ massaging.

He said this must be very slowly and calculatedly done. This also allow partners to know their hot spots and communicate that to each other. It's also important to learn on the body parts and have some education on the female sex organ and it's parts. 

Focus on satisfying your partners

In other to have a long lasting moment in bed with your lover, each of you must be selfless. As a man your job should be, I must do anything to get her satisfied. You must give her pleasure and this can only be achieved if you make it your priority. 

Learn Out of body encounter on your own

This is when you become aware of yourself. You should know your hot spots and things that turns you on. This is can also be achieved through meditation.


Good lighting must be prioritize during love making or Tantic Sex. Your choice of music must be cool love songs. A relaxing music with lyrics that communicate the moment you are about to share. While we put on nice scented perfumes in other to smell presentable and adoring, our rooms must be refreshing. 

Maintaining eyes contacts

One means of tapping into your lovers spirit is to gaze into the eyes of your partner. Ama who is a yoga tanner advice partners to gaze into the left eyes instead of trying to gaze into both eyes. 

Worshiping the body

This is an art of beautifying the body of your lover in words. You must describe your lover genuinely. Talking about the parts of her or his body you admire and how you admire them. 

This must be done in a soft voice. The tone of our voice must be carefully chosen. Whisper nice and romantic words into your lover’s ears while still touching the very parts you talk about.

Love making is an experience only lovers can relate. It involve emotions, confidence, appreciation of one’s partner, respect, communication and passion. It’s a conscious act which requires you to know what you are doing and why you are doing it to your partner. It requires enough time and patient. Its sacred, yes love making is for partners who are into each other and have plans to settle or be together for life. If you haven’t tried loving making before, you are missing out.


Thu, 28 Mar, 2019

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